Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Toddle Table Tuesday (Farm)

Toddle Table Tuesday - Farm Theme

This weeks Toddle Table Tuesday followed a farm theme, with Little Boy Blues grandparents being farmers there has always been an interest in all things farming related.

I put together various toy farm animals, Mega Blok Farm House and Carousel Tractor & Trailer (which plays 'Old McDonald Had a Farm' and makes animal noises when the animals are put in the correct place) for Little Boy Blue to play with naming them and making the noises as he did.
Together with a peg puzzle and a more complicated 35 piece farm scene puzzle which we did together.

Our books: Farm board book by Bright Baby, That's not my tractor... by Usborne, A Day at Greenhill Farm by Sue Nicholson, The Story of a Tractor by Angela Royston, Farmer for a day by DK along with a couple of small board books.

This week Little Boy Blue had the opportunity for creativity with farm stencils, stickers, paper, farm colouring book and colouring pens. These were all safe for him to play on his own while I did some work with his big brothers.

I love watching to see how Little Boy Blue interacts with what is out on the table. He loved putting all the farm animals in the farm bag and matched the toy animals with the animals on the farm scene puzzle.

I also made a farm animal matching game, I traced pictures of 6 farm animals and wrote the names on & I then got all the toy farm animals and the fenced pen. The instructions were to put the fenced pen on a picture card and put those animals that belonged there into the pen. Little Boy Blue really enjoyed doing this game and each time he collected a set of animals exclaimed "Did it!"

During his break 'L' sat with Little Boy Blue and read some of the farm books from the Toddle Table, it was lovely to witness the care he has for his little brother and they both seemed to enjoy this time together.


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