Friday, 25 January 2013

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Recently I have been even more challenged (thanks to the many blogs out there) to get out of my comfort zone. 

You may wonder what I mean by this, permit me to explain a little:

Over 11 years ago I injured my back while at work as a nurse since then my life has completely altered, as you can imagine! I had been told not to have children because they were unsure how this would affect my back but I have been graciously entrusted with 3 lovely boys. 

There are physical things that I can not and will never be able to do with them like throw them in the air, roll around the floor, climb trees, do piggyback rides, play horse on my foot, teach them to ride a bike, go on bike rides with them, climb a mountain with them but I do try my best.

Unfortunately the chronic pain can leave me moody, the pain killers make me lethargic and life at time revolves around limiting how much I physically have to do so my pain is not exacerbated. So I choose things that don't involve much setting up, mess & cleaning because these would add to my physical work load. 

Underlying this is a control freak, perfectionist personality. Don't misunderstand when I say 'perfectionist', my house is not like a show home, the laundry is not always done and the dishes do pile up at the sink! What I mean is I follow instructions to the T and if I do a craft it must be picture perfect, the game must be played by the rules and so on.....


Combine all this and it could lead to a restricted and constrained learning experiences for my children. After all isn't one of the burdens of care when home educating to expose your children to as wide a variety of experiences so they can learn and not be as limited! 

So this week my challenge was to do 4 things with the children that were out of my comfort zone!

1. Played in the snow

I have a fear of falling on ice in the winter incase my back gives again but we had a great time playing in the snow in the garden throwing snow balls and even building a snowman (with the help of a dear friend). I think we used all the snow in the garden just to get a snowman (& his dog)!

2. Draw on the windows

I had got these special glass crayons ages ago but hadn't dared show them to the boys!

They had a brilliant time drawing all over the glass patio doors and it came off very easily with a damp cloth. So it wasn't as bad or as difficult to do as I had presumed! (One activity we will do again & again)

3. Bake

With it being Robert Burns Day tomorrow (Friday) we made some Scottish Shortbread.

I would not hesitate to say that the baking was one of the most difficult things to do with the children, normally it is Granny Helen who has the gift of doing baking with the boys but I'm pleased to say that it turned out hard work but delicious!

4. Acting the fool

The things you do for a 2 year old! Acting the fool is not something that comes easy to me and posting it here for all to see is even harder but Little Boy Blue got 2 Mr Potato Heads for Christmas and loves them and as you can see he loves 'being' Mr Potato Head (and making mummy be him too)!

What have am I learning in all this? It is good to let loose at times and enjoy being in the moment more!

Some stites to challenge and encourage you to get out of your comfort zone:

I could add many more to this list and may link to other sites in the future but these are the ones that spring to mind at the moment.


  1. What a great post & throughly honest of you too. I understand completely on the back issue, I hurt mine 7 years ago & am always wary of ice etc. loving the blog. (I'm Learning for life on FB) Kierna

    1. Thanks Kierna, I do find honesty is the best policy! lol
      People can't really understand back pain unless they've had it also the fear of things like ice and because it's not as visible as a plaster cast people don't know (unless you put a sign around your neck)!
      Glad to see you love the blog, please spread news of it around too. x

    2. hey Nanette, would you like to link this up to the outdoor play party over at my blog - or you can wait until a new one opens this Friday? it's a chance for other bloggers to see your posts.
      Another good one is the country kids link up over CoombeMill.

    3. Thanks for the invite Kierna, I have now linked up! This is all new to me and I'm so excited!

    4. You did it! Thanks so much you make it 41 outdoor play ideas now, so thanks. One tip I forgot to give you, but you can remeber it for next time (no pressure!!), when it asks for 'name' give the post title unless you want it to have your name, thanks again Kierna

    5. I only realised that just as I pressed the button for it to go through! It was such a Homer Simpson moment! lol Thanks you we will definitely link up again, do you do specific days for link ups?

  2. looks like you all had so much fun, love the drawing on the windows xx

    1. Thanks Glitzy Gleam for stopping by, we all had great fun and I did breath a sigh of relief when the special crayons wiped off easily!

  3. Thank you for finding Country Kids I have really enjoyed your post and admire you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone when doing so could be painful for you, that takes real strength of character. I love the window crayons, we used glass pens at a birthday party and the artwork is still on them now so I did gasp when I saw your window! I do hope you will join me again. New Linky is every Saturday.

    1. Hi Coombe Mill, Glad you like the post and think we all need to get out of 'our comfort zone' every now & then. When it came to the window crayons I did do a little tester first! Just hope they don't think any pen or crayon will do the same! We will defiantly join you again on your blog & link.