Friday, 1 February 2013

First Ever Product Review and Giveaway

Firstly let me thank Lindi at Trunk of Treasure ( for allowing us to review a few of the products available from her web site Also for giving our blog it's first opportunity to have a giveaway! (see below for how to enter)

Sometimes as a home educator here in the UK it can be difficult to obtain resources that are hands-on, engaging and reinforce or introduce concepts, that is why I love the internet and web sites like Lindi's where the resources are available via downlodable pdfs at very reasonable cost. 

If you are a home educator don't be put off buy 'group' or 'classroom' style resources because they can still be used by multiple ages or adapted for single player use as you will see in this post.

We were sent four such pdfs of math games appropriate for our age ranges to review.

2 yrs +

Bee & Fish Math Counting Games

Both packs contained game mat/board, counters, score card and rules. Once printed out all you need are dice, I laminated my parts for durability and used a dry wipe pen for the score card. 

The aim of the math game is for pictorial number recognition (1-6), counting and adding. The packs are easy to follow, brightly coloured, engaging and could be used as part of a cross curriculum theme about either topic. The Bee Math Game has two score sheets one of which had the child count the 2 different bee counters then add them together to get the total so gives the game an added dimension for future use. 

Little Boy Blue had a great time playing these games with his big brothers and as he gets older he will get more out of these games. I do suggest for little ones that you get them to throw the dice into a box to stop it going all over the place, with excitement and enthusiasm ours ended up all over the room!

For independent (single player) play you could write the number on the plat mat/board and have the child put the correct number of counters on the board like the example below.

You may sometimes wonder what Little Boy Blues big brothers get up to while he is having his Toddle School, well now you will get a chance to see them in action!

6 yrs +

Marching Ants Math Game

The pack contained a task sheet (grid), cutout sheet of play pieces and instructions all you need to add is glue and scissors. 

The aim of this game is to improve fine motor skills by cutting out and glueing and skip counting in multiples of 5. Again the pack is easy to follow, brightly coloured, engaging and could be used as part of a cross curriculum theme. My 6 year old S loves bugs so this was a good one for him. S loved the theme and it helped him to independently reinforce his skip counting and also allowed him to cut and glue (what child doesn't like that?)

As I said earlier these resources are so adaptable to your own requirements. I laminated the task sheet (grid) and the cutout sheet pieces then I cut out the pieces and made it into a file folder game for an independent activity centre (see pictures below).

8 yrs +

Multiplication Memory Game

The pack contains multiplication algorithm card (or the sum as we say) and answer cards, all of which I laminated before cutting out, covering 1 times tables to 10 times tables. The cards are bright and colourful and instructions are easy to follow. 

The game is played by placing the algorithm cards (sum cards) on one side and answer cards on the other all face down, players turn over an algorithm card then an answer card if they match then they keep that pair, the player at the end with the most pairs wins. You can choose how many cards to put out and what multiplication table depending on the students ability.

This is a brilliant way to reinforce multiplication facts, I also think that multiplication is something that students struggle to recall with speed and can be very dry and boring but this game makes it an enjoyable thing to do. This pack is going to be an invaluable part of out multiplication learning process.

Unfortunately in our house my eldest L is the only one who has started some multiplication facts so he had to play against me! He is a sore loser and you really don't want to see his grumpy face when he lost! However this pack also lends its self to be adapted for single player use by being made into a file folder game much like the Ant Marching Game (see picture)

Web site

Lindi is based in Australia and her web site is so easy to navigate, she also has a 'wish list' section where you can contact her and request individualised printables, for someone like me who has no ability or time to generate their own resources this is a great facility. Prices are very reasonable for the quality of service and product (please remember to convert prices).

Prize Giveaway

You now have the opportunity to win one of the math games feature in the above review thanks to Lindi at Trunk of Treasure.

The winner will be notified within 48hrs from the end date and time, they will then be able to chose one of the above math games which will be sent to the winner via email (please make sure you give the correct email account). 

Terms & Conditions

We ask that copywrite be followed in that these resources become yours to use with your students and reproduced for your students as necessary, but not be resold or copied or emailed onto someone else.

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    1. Thank you for joining with us Monica hope to 'see' more of you too. The eyes are why he's nicknamed Little Boy Blue! P.S love your page too. :)

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    1. I think it's good to mix things up and these make a good addition to any math curriculum.

  3. Love this! I'm always looking for fun ways to teach my kids math.

    1. Hi Kristina, I know what you mean about finding fun ways for math, I found it especially for my oldest, until now!