Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas Traditions Part 2

 Some of what our home decor looks like at Christmas

As promised here is more of what our Christmas Traditions are, sorry it's a little late but like yourselves I was busy enjoying the festive season with loved ones.

Christmas Book

This years book

This is lovely, the best way to describe it is: its a story with in a story. I don't like calling things from the Bible a story but this tells the gospel (with some minor embellishments) with in the story of how a young boy gets stranded out in a snow storm and gets taken in by a kind lady who tells the true meaning of Christmas. The older 2 boys loved it and Little Boy Blue enjoyed the pictures, the illustration is beautiful.

Christmas Shopping

During the year we collect all our coins in a jar and the boys add £10 each from their piggy banks and this makes up the Christmas spending money. Each year the boys go out to get Christmas gifts with Daddy, they have lunch out and have a little list of who they have to buy for.

List: Daddy (I get), Mummy, both Grannies, Granddad, Papa and each other. 

Make Gifts for Neighbours & Special Friends

We also make gifts for our neighbours and special friends, this year we got plain cups and decorated them with Christmas Theme pictures on one side and a Bible verse on the other then we filled them with sweets and wrapped them up nice.

(I love pretty wrapping)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a real family time and something I hope the boys would continue with their own families. 

We get into out PJ's 

We eat candy canes from the tree

We watch a movie

This years choice was The Snowman & The Snowdog

We set out a snack for Santa & the Reindeers

We read a book before bed

The same one each year


Christmas Morning

My children don't usually go down stairs without adult supervision so it's not hard to get them to wait for us all to go down stairs together come Christmas morning. They get the 'Santa' toys & stockings first. Chocolate coins and sugar mice are a must for our stocking fillers!
We then have our breakfast followed by more gift opening! For the last few years our Christmas morning have involved us building lots of Lego! Even Little Boy Blue has a love for Lego.

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