Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snow In Spring

I had hoped that this weeks posts would be filled with lots of spring activities that we got up to at the end of last week but the weather had different ideas! Snow in spring!

Instead of letting it get us down I took full advantage of it, I had previously seen some lovely snow activities on others blogs, Pintrest and Facebook pages but we didn't get much snow over winter to do them. Then when we un-expectantly ended up with a record snow fall we jumped at the chance to do some!

Snow Art

For our snow art I found any spry or squeezy bottle we had and put in either watered down paint or food colouring, we then went out to the fresh snow and sprayed and squeezed away. I'm glad I captured a few pictures because within an hour these works of art were covered with more snow! Little Boy Blue couldn't stand the cold for too long so he came inside with some snow to make his own work of art, a painted snow sun-catcher.


The inspiration for this came from: 

'No Bake Cupcake'

To follow on from the idea of painting the snow and put my own twists on it we decided to do no bake snow cupcakes! We brought snow in from outside, got our silicon cake cases, our food colouring and we filled the cases with snow from the tub and decorated them with food colouring.

At one point near the end of making our 'cupcakes' I went to get the camera only to come back to them tucking in to their 'cupcakes'!!!! I'm sure a bit of fresh snow and some food colouring won't kill them, I hope!


Following a Science Hangout over on Google+ (you can see it here I was inspired to do more hands on science around the home. When the snow came it gave me the ideal opportunity to do a little science experiment  - Solid to Liquid. Book Worm and Bug Boy gathered some snow in, we then separated the snow into three containers and got our timer.

Our first container went onto the windowsill in the kitchen, the second into the fridge, the third into the freezer and we set our timer. We then talked about what we thought would happen and set about checking and recording every hour, until bed time that is. The next day we discussed our results and also why the snow outside had not melted either!

The boys really enjoyed this easy hands on experiment and while waiting to record our result Bug Boy came up with his own idea. He made icebergs by compacting the snow in his hands and put them in water to see if they would float. This lead on to a discovery that only part of the iceberg was above the water and we discussed the Titanic. 

Following our extended experiments, thanks to Bug Boy, we then read a book called The Unsinkable Titanic by Andrew Donkin, which tells the story from the possible experience and perspective of a child that may have been on the Titanic when it sank.

We hope our next post will have more of a Spring in it's step! lol


  1. What fun activities with your kids! I definitely need to do more activities like this with my little girls. Thanks so much for sharing at the What I Learned Wednesday link party!

    1. Thanks for visiting us at Little Boy Blue Alexis. It can be a challenge to grab opportunities for like these as they come along (instead of doing the house work or some other 'important' task).