Monday, 28 January 2013

What's in your Toddler Bag?

Since having my first baby there are few occasions when I've left the house with just my handbag! Actually over the past eight years I have gone from the big nappy bag (with no handbag!) to a toddler bag and handbag, back to big nappy bag then the toddler bag and handbag again, followed by big nappy bag and I am currently back to the toddler bag and handbag combo! 

To be honest I think once we as a family are past this stage the one thing out of these bags I will miss the most will be the baby wipes. I don't know how I managed all those years with out them, lol!

So what's in your Toddler Bag?

1. Baby wipes, nappies and disposal bags are a given - Little Boy Blue isn't toilet/potty trained yet so I still have to take a couple of nappies when ever we go out. 

2. Inhalers and spacer - Little Boy Blue suffers from asthma so I need to make sure they come with us!

3. Toddler reins - Little Boy Blue loves to be like his big brothers and walk around freely. He has taken to refusing the buggy and even the reins but at times needs must and we use these ones.

4. Snack - One thing I never want to be is stuck somewhere with a hungry toddler on my hands! I generally keep something like a cereal bar or dried fruit in the bag at all times, they keep longer and saves the smell when something perishable goes off. Phew! 

5. Books - Mini board books are a great thing to tuck into the bag and can be used in the car, the cafe or the waiting room for the doctor or dentist.

 6. Toys - Little Boy Blue loves little things like Lego mini figures, model cars, mini animals & character figures so you can add a variety of these too. Even just a magnifying glass can keep him entertained for a while.

7. Pen & Paper - This can even be handy for mummy is she needs it too! Little Boy Blue enjoys doodling away or getting mummy & daddy to draw their limited range of pictures!

Making sure I have a bag that is ready to go gives me one less thing to have to think about when heading out the door.

So what are your go to things for your bag when heading out with a toddler?

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