Friday, 29 March 2013

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Well it looks like our Easter Eggstravaganza that I had planned for over Easter weekend will be more of a souffle flop and all thanks to hubby bringing home some viral illness from work. Who says my husband doesn't give me anything! lol.

It's a good job I had planned some things ahead of time to show all my lovely blog readers what we should have been getting up to, which we will do but it may just be a little later than planned! One of the reasons I had planned some things in advance is that Little Boy Blue has an egg allergy so I needed some egg free activities especially for him.

Colour Egg Game

This year Book Worm, Bug Boy and I designed our very own board game or should I say chocolate box game. Once the chocolates were eaten (mummies job done!) we used the empty chocolate box as our board and we filled different coloured plastic eggs with a slip of paper each with an instructions on it like miss a turn, put on the bunny ears, pick another egg, cluck like a chicken etc. Making use of an old dice to roll we up-cycled it with coloured stickers to match the eggs, got our bunny ears, bunny nose and bunny tail and we then set out the game rules. 


1. Start with the youngest player to roll the dice first then take turns going round to the right.
2. What ever colour lands face up is the colour of egg to be picked up. If that colour is no longer available then it is the next persons turn.
3. Open egg and do instruction on paper, keeping the egg once completed.
4. The person with the most eggs at the end wins. The end is when there are no more eggs on the board.
5. An extra prize is given to the player who at the end of the game has the bunny ears, nose and tail on.

Colour Match Egg Box/ Busy Bag

Little Boy Blue has been using this colour match game since it was put together and loves it because it incorporates so many things he loves - small toys, colours, opening/ closing things and peek a boo.

To fill our multi coloured eggs we borrowed some of Book Worm & Bug Boys Gogos and put it all together in an old egg carton. Depending on what your little one is like with little bits remember to keep an eye on them with small parts. Even after Easter is passed this will be popped into a ziplock bag and be added to our busy bag activities.

Alternative Duck, Duck, Goose

If any of you play the game Duck, Duck, Goose with your children then I'm sure it's a firm favourite as it is in our home, especially at parties. For those of you who don't know it basically the rules are that everyone sits in a circle, one child is chosen to be 'it' and they go around the circle patting each person on the head saying Duck, Duck, Duck and so on until they pick someone to be Goose. To this person they pat on the head and say Goose, the 'Goose' gets up and chases the other child around the circle and the child who was 'it' has to reach the chosen 'Goose' child's spot in the circle and sit down and now the 'Goose' is it. If how ever the child gets caught by the 'Goose' then they must be 'it' again. Clear as mud? Google it for clearer instructions! 

Anyway, playing Duck, Duck, Goose with just three boys is a bit less fun so I have made an alternative that can be played even with one. I took out six yellow plastic eggs from my multi coloured packs and to five I added a little fabric duck and to one a little fabric goose (all taken from an old soft baby book) and put the eggs into an old egg box. The object of the game is to pick an egg until you get the goose then start again making sure to mix them about.


Egg Sensory Play

Following a talk about how chickens are not the only animals to lay eggs (and that the Easter Bunny didn't!) we looked at other creatures that lay eggs, including Dinosaurs. This gave me a great twist for our sensory play material we had from a few weeks ago, all I needed were some of my plastic eggs and a few Dinosaurs and 'Ta Da' a Dino nest!


I'm trying harder to include more art and craft to our 'school' week and for Easter I thought I'd hatched a great plan (get it hatched! lol) but so far no one has been well enough to do it. Last week I blew the yoke and white out of six eggs then filled each with a different colours of paint mixed with a little PVA and plugged the holes with play dough.

When the boys are better we will go outside, put paper on the ground, stand up on chairs and drop the paint filled egg shells onto the paper, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

The project Little Boy Blue and I did manage to do was to make an Easter art work from his paintings he did a few weeks ago.

Here he is painting his MANY art works, now what to do with them?
I tend not to buy in to the whole commercialised side of a lot of the different holidays but generaly we celebrate in our own way. In the Jewish calendar they celebrate Passover and as Christians we celebrate Easter when Christ became our passover lamb so that we might be saved and we give thanks. So Little Boy Blue and I traced around his magnetic letters onto is dried paintings and came up with a picture that enbodies the Easter lesson for us.

Have a blessed Easter.


  1. Hi there,
    So great to meet you. I am following from Family Fun Link Party. I loved all your activities and pray that your family will be feeling well soon.
    I have written a turtle book called Tadeo Turtle. There are activities in the book and a free 24 page curriculum available from me as well.

    Many blessings,

    1. Nice to meet you too Janis, thank you for visiting our blog. Will hop over and see your book and curriculum, sounds really interesting. Is this the first book you have written?

  2. What a terrific idea. Please share it (and any others) on my family-focused Kid Corner @ You may just get highlighted next week :-) Jennifer

    1. Glad you liked it Jennifer, thanks for the offer to share will go do that. :)