Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Christmas Traditions (Part 1)

Well it's that time of year again, Christmas is coming :)

I love the thought of making memories and family traditions with the boys, they  don't always play out as idilic in reality as they are in my head when I plan them! I suppose that's part of the memory too! lol


Each year we try to make one new Christmas decorations and this year we have been very productive. My eldest, L - 8 years old, has out done himself with Lego creations.

Some More Of This Years Creations:

We are running out of time but not ideas! 

Some of my favourite sites for ideas:

A few decorations made in previous years:

Visit Santa

We always go to see Santa in his grotto each year. The past two years we have gone to The Cocoa Bean Factory ( and been very happy with the quality and price. For £5 each they got to see Santa (we could take our own photos), get a gift (L got a summersaulting car, S got a Toy Story board game, Little Boy Blue got a teddy & they all got chocolate buttons), the older ones had a quiz sheet to fill in to get a prize (more sweets), a rub on tattoo and face painted! Well worth it. 

Little Boy Blue wasn't sure what to make of Santa that is until he got a gift!

The two older ones loved the Christmas Themed face paintings, Little Boy Blue wouldn't sit still long enough.

Best Christmas Lights Tour

Each year we always drive around to find the house with the best Christmas Lights. I know the boys would love it to be our house all lit up but this is way easier! Little Boy Blue was amazed and kept saying WOW! all the time. Here is the best we have found:

Winter Activities

So far this year we have not had snow just some frost but it hasn't stopped us from doing some winter activities like (trying to) sledge and ice skating.

(S is desperate for it to snow)

(Ok it was at an ice rink but still very cold!)


  1. Looks so FUN! Thanks for sharing your family with us and your ideas.

    1. Thanks Jill C, I am putting together Part 2 which should be up in the next day or two, I've been too busy doing the activities over the Christmas holidays to get round to posting it but be assured I'm on it! Lol