Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Toddle Table Tuesday - Builders

My posts for Toddle Table Tuesday I tend to write a week behind so this was from Tuesday past, just a few days following Little Boy Blues discharge from hospital (it also should have been posted yesterday). Our Toddle Table Theme was Builders which is a favourite theme due to Papa being a builder.

Although still recovering Little Boy Blue still made the most of his Toddle Table time and we added in a DVD Here Comes A Digger by Littlebig TV which we picked up at the charity shop the week before.

Our Toddle Table for builders had to have our collection of Bob The Builder toys, our Busy Bag with nuts & bolts and a basket of blocks.

Book List: Topsy & Tim Busy Builders by Ladybird, Building a House by Tom Sutton, The Big Concrete Lorry by Shirley Hughes, Toad Makes a Road from Usborne Phonic Readers Collection, Busy Building Site by Melanie Joyce, Focus on Building Materials by Graham Rickard, Houses of Bark by Bonnie Shemie and Lets Build A House from the Wonderwise Collection. 

The puzzles included a large floor puzzle of a tipper truck, Bob the Builder wooden peg puzzle and a soft foam tool box book puzzle. Little Boy Blue also had his tool box and builders hat so he too could be a builder for the day. Amazingly five minuets after exploring the Toddle Table a digger and truck pulled up outside the house with builders fixing the road, couldn't have timed it better even if I'd planned it myself!

We had a great view of the work going on from the upstairs bedroom window and spent some time watching them set up and popped back every time we heard an interesting noise. Then it was down to the serious work of some building.

Even the big brothers Book Worm and Bug Boy got involved helping with the floor puzzle and building a great city scape.

It is amazing how children bounce back after an illness while we as parents can take some time to get over them being ill and back to normal, at times like that we have pyjama days as you can see.

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