Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Valentines

We don't go in for the whole Valentines thing in our house, I believe we should show love as often as we can. As things become more and more commercialised and twisted for the sake of the almighty pound/dollar/euro whatever currency you have, the more I find myself pulling away from it. However here are some of the ways we express our love as a family. 

Seeing signs of love all around us

Random acts:

A rose from the garden picked for mummy.
A gift sent from a friend.

My husband getting tickets to a special football match for my Dad.

Me abseiling for a cancer charity following the death of my Aunt from cancer.

Sharing Together:

Make, read, play and laugh.

My husband and I worked on painting a tea pot together, he painted one side while I painted the other. It looks as if it has a split personality but who said that doing something together means doing the same?

Capturing acts of love & kindness:

Lots of Hugs & Kisses:

These are only a few snippets from our lives there are just way too many to post, another way I am trying to show my love to my children is by doing things they love but I dislike. Wait till you see this weeks post on what got me 'out of my comfort zone' which I hope to post on Friday!


  1. Very nice, I agree, love should be shown everyday! I still like surprising my girls with a whole day filled with hearts on Valentine's Day though :)

    1. I may need to re think the Valentine's Day activities or my future daughters-in-law will never forgive me!