Monday, 10 December 2012

Setting Up Your Toddle School & More Busy Bags

I'm experimenting with different set ups for our Toddle School. This school year has involved us adapting to fit the situation and manage to get our work done, one of the things that have either helped or hindered this is how we set up! 
Our best days so far have been when Little Boy Blue has had plenty of choice available to do & that are ready to go. Our living & dinning room are open in an L shape so setting up the centre of the living room with 8 to 10 busy bags in a circle while we sit at the dinning table near by works quite well. This way we can all interact with each other and take turns to help with Toddle School. 

Following advice from some other home educating mummies I have learned that preparing for Little Boy Blue first helps our day go a lot smoother. So taking a little time the night before or at the start of the day pays off even if it means starting a little later than we use to.

More Busy Bags

1. Puzzle in a Bag

Wooden Fire Engine Puzzle Board - this is a good easy puzzle as the board has a copy of the finished picture on it and all the little one has to do is match the correct parts.

2. Threading Cotton Reels

 Coloured plastic cotton reels and a lace. Bought in bulk and divid into different bags for different tasks, this is just a straight forward fine motor skills lacing activity.

3. Wooden Animals

 This was a bag with wooden animal toys to play with, make animal noises and identify. However it looks as if Little Boy Blue has added to it with his toy Chameleon!

4. Links

 Multi coloured linking teddy bears which can be linked altogether or in colour sets, also good for counting. Bought these second hand over the internet.

5. Sock Pair

 For this busy bag I found some socks that no longer fit Little Boy Blue and mixed them up in the bag for him to pair together (hope this one will pay off later when it comes to household chores, lol).

6. Basket Ball

 A collection of different size & coloured balls and the basket used to collect all the busy bags in for Little Boy Blue to try and throw the balls into the basket. Daddy hopes this will foster a love of Daddies favourite sport Basket Ball.

7. Jigsaw Puzzle (Mix & Match)

This is a good first puzzle each Robot is made from 3 pieces and can be mixed & matched. Little Boy Blue loves this one. Bought from Marks & Spencers.

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