Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dropping Down Like Flies!

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I don't know where the expression 'Dropping down like flies' comes from but know its sentiment all too well! Ill health has beset our house for some time now! Time and day have come and gone with very little notice as they all merge into one.

How do you cope when one by one you and your family catch the flu or any other bug or virus that is out there waiting to invade, disrupt and disturb life as you know it?

I felt as if I were back in the wards in the hospital again checking temperatures, doing medicine rounds, making beds, keeping records, going to the pharmacy. There was no change of shift, no staff to come and relieve you for meals, no canteen to go to....... So as mum all these roles became mine 24/7 along with the usual mum jobs!!!

Life still hasn't returned to normal and it has left me totally floored! It is taking me all my energy to try and resume normality, what ever that is! Was I normal to start with? Any way I'm back after a break from blogging and hope the 'April showers that bring May flowers' will also bring some good health, some much needed energy and a lift of spirits in general.

So today I'm thinking of coping strategies for any future bouts of ill health, what do you all do under these circumstances when you are feeling ill or exhausted too? I guess it depends on the type of illness what you do but there are some things I have learnt from this last batch and I just wanted to share it.

1. Medicine and Alternatives - Make sure your medicine cabinet is well stocked up with the typical things you may need and that it is all in date. I'm not completely and totally into alternative therapies enough to use them solely but I do believe they have their place and can assist in ones feeling of wellbeing so tend to keep some alternative remedies handy and also arm myself with my favourite recipes and foods from a book called Immunity Foods for Healthy Kids, to find out more about the book click the link:

2. Sleep when you can - I think next time we are ill I'm going back to 'new baby' mode where I catch some sleep when I can through the day and night rather than try to keep going all day and all night in the hope that no one needs me during the night. If others are resting then mummy can rest too, you never know when you might next get a rest so take it!

3. House work can wait - I know there are some jobs that need done but it's ok if we don't get everything done that we normally do and to the same standard either. Depending on what illness has beset your home some tasks may increase like laundry or decrease like cooking especially if it is a vomiting bug so look at the chores and do the essentials first then do other chores if you have the time and/or energy to do so.

4. Activities to do - This is one thing I have to work on more rather than resort to the TV, DVDs or computer games for those who feel well enough to do something or just to bust the boredom! My plan is to organise a tub of age appropriate activities/toys for each child that will only be opened in emergency situations, once I have these put together I'll post it.

5. Convalesce - With hospitals spitting out patients in less than 24hrs of having a procedure done combined with the fast pace people live it seems like convalescence is an antiquated notion these days. Following this last batch of illness I feel like we need to allow ourself the opportunity to gently ease ourself back to what our normal routine was or we risk running ourselves down to the point where we are 'no use to man nor beast' as the saying goes (which is the point I found myself!)

Here's hoping that we keep in better health and you all do too.


  1. Ugh, family sicknesses are the worst! You definitely have to go in to some kind of overdrive mode when it happens, and it's rough. Hope everyone is on the mend now!
    Visiting via Real Life Wednesday

  2. When sickness hits my family, we hunker down and wait it out. The kids get a makeshift bed made on the couch in front of the TV, a steady flow of chicken soup and crackers and ginger ale, and naps whenever the need hits.

    I don't know that any of that has medicinal value, but it sure makes it more comfortable as we wait it out!