Monday, 4 March 2013

Books, Books And More Books

How often do you read to your child/ children?

I have a motto I try to live by when it comes to reading and my children:

It is never the end of a day unless you have read to your child/ children!

My husband is an avid reader where as I am slightly Dyslexic and never had a love of reading growing up, it always seemed like hard work. I remember the panic that came over me if we were to read aloud to the class! I read when needed, for information not for fun or should I say I did until I had children! I don't want my children to feel like I did about reading. Reading opens up so many windows, doors and opportunities for adventure, creativity and life long learning, who wouldn't want their children to be a part of all that and so much more?

The 7th of March marks World Book Day and Read Across America was last week with the celebrations of Dr. Susses Birthday. We linked some of our 'reading' photos with the lovely ladies overs at: (see if you can spot Little Boy Blue and Book Worm). I also joined the online Hangout held on the 1st of March which was recorded and other dates have been arranged so go check them out too:

There are many ways to encourage your young children to love books, like seeing you read and reading to them both of which are very useful but I believe getting hands on involvement in stories really helps bring books to life, especially for those children who may have difficulty with the actual written word but may develop a love for it later on. 
One thing we do here at Little Boy Blue Toddle School is story baskets, these include a selection of toys associated with the books in the basket.

It is so simple to put these baskets together whether you start with the book first and gather toys to go with the story or the other way round. The cost can be very cheap especially if you use things you already own or use charity shops. We find some lovely books in the charity shop and it's sad to say but many are totally unread! We often get comments from the elderly ladies at the charity shop when we go because my boys head to the books grab a few and sit down to start reading! They love to see my kids reading even Little Boy Blue.

These baskets can be used in multiple ways:

1. While you read the story book let your little one play with the toys.
2. Identify the toys in the story book i.e point to the toy zebra and the zebra in the book.
3. Act out the story book with the toys, even using silly voices!
4. Put pen to paper and draw aspects of the story.
5. Allow your little one some free play time with the basket and books.
6. For older children Google some free printable for them to do too whether it be colouring in sheets, dot to dots or sequencing cards there are lots of free resources available.

Most importantly enjoy, don't expect them to sit still (it doesn't mean they aren't listening) and remember my motto and don't let a day go past without reading something to them even if it's the newspaper! 

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